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Dr. Mark Cohen, PhD

As a person who has seen far too many lawyers in my life (not as a defendant), Herc is the only one I remained with. He is not only passionate about what he does, he has empathy for his client and works tirelessly with extreme focus for the goal and positive outcome in each and every situation. Frankly, he is simply ... one of a kind! I am proud to heartily and firmly endorse him. 

Carl Minster, Esq.

 I have known Herc Pappas since law school. He is very diligent lawyer working to get the best outcome for his clients. I have many times recommended him to people who were looking for a lawyer in his area of expertise. One of the best! judgment. 

Lee Albertson, Consultant

 I have known and worked with Herc for over twelve years. I've recommended clients to Herc and have utilized his services myself from time to time. I know Herc to be an exceptional legal mind and advocate for his clients. 

David Bedussa

 Hercules Pappas is an exceptional attorney, whose attention to detail and relentless advocacy on behalf of his clients is evident in his superb written skills as his effective work. I strongly recommend Hercules to any prospective client. 

William Kocis

Herc is a creative individual, a problem solver, and achieves results. Has achieved great results for other friends of mine and has a wealth of associates with specialties to make a difference in favor of his clients. 

Nassef Guirguis

 I use Hercules for all my personal and business issues. His professionalism and attitude is far beyond most. Hercules’s efforts have only contributed to positive outcomes on all my legal issues thus far. I recommend him to everyone that needs an attorney. Hercules is truly a champion in his occupation. 

Success Stories

First Degree Murder

In a case for intentional homicide, Hercules Law Group worked tirelessly for three years.  The case went to trial and the Defendant was found not guilty of the lead murder charge.

Drug Possession Cases

Through diligent pursuit of evidence, lab results, chain of custody documents, search and seizure statutes, and relevant case law, Hercules Law Group consistently gets cases dismissed on behalf of its clients and achieves overwhelmingly positive results in this field.

Injury Matters

In a case against a race track, despite a challenge that the participant signed a Release of Liability, Hercules Law Group was able to secure an overall award from the jury in excess of $750,000.00.